Our Projects

Ongoing Projects

Phasian Consulting Limited is at the forefront of shaping the future through our ongoing project, “Consultancy Support for Green Hydrogen Development” with a prominent lending institution. With our unwavering dedication and expertise in the renewable energy sector, we are partnering with the institution to navigate the dynamic landscape of green hydrogen. Our role involves strategic guidance, risk assessment, market analysis, and feasibility evaluation to facilitate the institution’s foray into this transformative field. This project underscores our commitment to catalyzing sustainable energy ventures and fostering a cleaner, more innovative energy future.

Phasian Consulting Limited is actively engaged in a dynamic endeavor: “Market Entry Support for an Africa-Focused Engineering Consultancy.” Leveraging our profound understanding of the African market and extensive industry network, we are collaborating with the engineering consultancy to facilitate their successful entry into diverse African markets. Our strategic guidance encompasses market research, competitive analysis, regulatory insights, and tailored expansion strategies. By combining our expertise with their aspirations, we are forging a path for sustainable growth, fostering innovation, and contributing to the advancement of engineering solutions throughout Africa.

Phasian Consulting Limited is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of professionals through our impactful Internship and Mentorship Program. Designed to provide aspiring individuals with real-world experience and guidance, this program serves as a stepping stone towards professional growth and success. Our interns gain hands-on exposure to diverse projects, working alongside seasoned experts who offer valuable insights and mentorship. By bridging theoretical knowledge with practical application, we are shaping the leaders of tomorrow and fostering a culture of excellence in the industries we serve. This program exemplifies our commitment to knowledge transfer, skills development, and the continuous evolution of expertise.

Completed Projects

Phasian Consulting Limited, a distinguished energy consultancy, takes immense pride in the accomplishment of the “Africa-Wide Status of Technology Report for the Energy Sector.” With our deep-rooted expertise, we meticulously researched and compiled an all-encompassing report that highlights the technological landscape throughout Africa. This effort stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions across the continent, providing invaluable insights for stakeholders, policymakers, and industry leaders.

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